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Megans Cookin: Pupcakes for Fido

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pupcakes for Fido

I have to say, I love my dog! He is so spoiled that I, quite possibly, have ruined him. My dog is a pure bread Mini Dachshund who thinks he's a big dog. He has a loud mouth, lots of attitude, and is every example of a spoiled lap dog living the couch life. I think I have ruined him cause he won't eat dog food. His diet consist of jerky, dog biscuits, and cooked meat. So I thought I would make my German wienie named Mario a simple supper. I found a recipe from Rachael Ray for these fried cakes, but when I went to get the recipe, It was gone! So, I had to wing it.
I simply made about a cup and a half of instant brown rice. To that I added 4 slices of fried and crumbled bacon, two hand fulls of bread crumbs, and 4 eggs. I squished it all up and made patty's. I then fried them in the bacon grease. Next time, maybe I'll add a little cheese.

They turned out wonderful. They looked tasty and smelled great. I was tempted to serve them for dinner. My daughter wanted to know what smelled so good. When she found out they were for Mario, she gave me that look. You know the one. Like you ruined the dog look. I think her words were "Oh My Gosh, Mom". I Love my dog. What can I say?

So my old,(4 years old in Nov.) gray haired mutt chowed down and came back for more.
He now thinks that I'm not only his personal assistant but his personal chef. I know I got doggy kudos from him! And that made it all worth it!



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